Written by David Fisco
18 December 2007
Word count: 195
This PNG file is a wallpaper for your computer's desktop.  It divides the desktop into eight sections, allowing you to implement the GTD workflow described in David Allen's Getting Things Done.  Moving your icons around your desktop will help you process your "stuff" and allow you to clear your desktop as much as possible.

Version 1.0 is available in 1280x800 only, but I find it scales well to other dimensions.  If interest in sufficient, I'll release files in additional dimensions.  If you have a comment about GTD Desktop Wallpaper, contact me.

The desktop sections are:

Where unprocessed icons are dumped.

To Be Delegated
Stuff you need to send to someone else to be handled.

Waiting On...
Stuff you are waiting for a response before you can proceed.

Calendar & Next Actions
Things that need to be moved to your date book or your next actions list.  (You can use my GTD Spreadsheet for your next actions list.)

Multimedia files you need to digest.

File: Someday/Maybe
Things to be placed in your someday/maybe storage area.

File: Reference
Things to be placed in your reference folder.

System Icons
Things needed by your operating system for the functioning of your computer (such as the recycle bin).